SeniorSoftware Engineer (Java)

Location - MUMBAI

Experience - 3-6 years

₹ Annual Salary - 10LPA

Job Description

1. 3 to 6 years of experience developing software as an engineer. 2. Experience with developing, debugging, and shipping software products on large code bases that span platforms and tools 3. Significant experience building and operating critical high-scale systems. 4. Great management and team development skills: ability to set roadmap and goals for a team and every one of its members, delegate intelligently, mentor engineers, deliver frequent and honest feedback, help team members grow in their careers, and deliver results. 5. Expertise and interest in growing teams: interviewing junior and senior engineers, collaborating with a recruiting team, smoothly onboarding new team members. ** 6. Good software engineering methodology: meaningful and deep-rooted opinions about testing and code quality, ability to make sound quality/speed trade-offs. ** 7. Exceptional technical skills in data structure, algorithm, object oriented design principle : 8. Lead from the front when the situation calls for it. 9. preferably from Product Companies – Even Startups, Fintech , e-commerce domains would do.

Skills Required - SeniorSoftware Engineer,JAVA

Date Posted - 2021-03-23 08:11:46

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