The process of hiring an individual for a job might seem to be an easy task from the outside but in reality, it is a very responsible and tedious task. One bad hire and the reputation of your entire company is at stake, it can prove to be very destructive for a company to employ someone with a fishy and flimsy past. To prevent such people from getting into the company, it is very essential to Conduct Background verification and Checks to keep such people at bay.

To make the work of Human Resource Management easy and to save time and cost of doing background verification and checks, we provide Background verification services for the companies at very affordable prices.

This helps you easily check the suitability of a person for a position in your company.


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  • The primary reason why Background verification is done is to discover any past criminal records of a person. These background verification and checks can sniff through various other official records such as driving records, credit history, etc. which might not have a direct bearing on the job of a person but might be important for determining the suitability of a person.


  • The market of fake educational qualifications and certifications is booming at a very fast and rapid rate, in order to avoid any potential employee of your company with such degrees and certificates it is imperative to get background verification done.


  • It helps find out any misrepresentation that the person might have done in his resume in order to get a job. It is quite common for people to show their best in their job interviews which makes them sometimes skip very crucial events that might have happened in their professional life. Using Background verification services helps provide answers to all such questions which the person might be hiding.




Employee Background verification services that we offer:


  • Pre-Post Employment Verification

  • Education Verification/Academics Record Check

  • Residential Address Verification

  • Criminal Court Record Check/Litigation Check

  • Professional Reference Check/Supervisor Check

  • Identity verification

  • KYC Document Verifications

  • Drug Test

  • Credit Score Check

  • Indian/Global Database check